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Itrealisesthatitsarmslength appeasement disadvantage

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Unformatted text preview: institutions was misplaced. Asian institutions allow Beijing to make apparent concessions, such as its 2002 agreement with ASEAN to a Declaration of Conduct on the South China Sea, without actually surrendering any part of its position. As China and the United States increase the stakes in the South China Sea, ASEAN’s cardinal principle of neutrality is threatened . The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are tightening their strategic relationships with the United States, just as Cambodia, Laos and Thailand deepen their links to China. And there are signs that the disputes have become entangled in domestic politics in the Philippines and Vietnam, making their stances even more uncompromising. In Manila, following allegations that Beijing used corrupt payments to soften the former Arroyo administration’s stance on the South China Sea, the current Aquino administration and its Parliamentary opposition are vying for the most uncompromising policies on the issue. To counter rumours circulating around Hanoi that Beijing has ‘bought’ the Vietnam’s senior leadership, the Vietnamese go...
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