Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: ia, and Venezuela.”¶ The remarks infuriated Maduro, who, in a full bravado, responded, “As president, my policy is zero tolerance for any attacks the Gringos make on Venezuela. I’m not going to tolerate any sort of aggression against Venezuela—verbal, political, or diplomatic. That’s enough! You there with your empire. No more meddling with Venezuela.” Venezuela, he said, was suspending ongoing talks to improve relations with the U.S. He also reaffirmed his willingness to give asylum to Snowden, since “the right to asylum is an international humanitarian right, and Venezuela has always respected it.”¶ Maduro, that is to say, found it more convenient to step back to the previous status quo than to move forward and regularize the relations. By doing so, he can claim that he cares enough about the nationalistic values Chávez so firmly defended. As of Friday night, a source close to the Maduro government said that it was highly unlikely that Snowden would go to Venezuela—“He’s not coming here.” ¶ No appeasement now Bercovitch 7­21(Sascha Bercovitch, With “Zero Tolerance to Gringo Aggression...
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