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Unformatted text preview: oy us. Adolf Hitler actually was such a man and, not coincidentally, he wasn't particularly interested in acquiring the international prestige and legitimacy associated with a sit­down with English politicians ­­ he wanted a giant war. In general , the right wants us to believe that world history is littered with countries whose rulers , like Hitler, will stop at nothing short of world­domination but who also spend their evenings fondly dreaming of the chance at a White House photo­op. But that’s absurd. One shouldn’t, of course, strike a bad bargain with a foreign country just because you held a meeting, but to fear that the very act of holding a meeting is a blow to the national interest is silly Genuine madmen aren’t going to . care what “signal” we’re sending, and non­crazy people can be productively bargained with . Best scholarship votes aff Treisman 04 (Daniel Treisman, Cambridge University Press, International Organization Foundation, Vol. 58, No.2 Spring 2004,...
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