Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: the South exercised restraint. ¶ This time is different. South Korea’s people and government are enraged by this attack. The rhetoric coming from South Korea towards the North is now the most hostile that it has been since the two countries were at war nearly 60 years ago. For South Korea, this attack seems to feel[s] like Pearl Harbor. Their national identity has been violated. Any kinship they have felt with the North seems to be gone. High level government officials in the South are calling for military retaliation and not ruling out the possibility of war with the North. Suddenly, South Korea is begging to get closer to America’s military. They requested one of our carrier groups be sent immediately to conduct war games with them. Of course, we have accommodated them. We have no choice but to help them not only by treaty but also because we cannot afford to turn our back on an ally. If we don’t support our allies, especially those allies of over 60 years, we won’t have any allies in the world. China is in a similar mess. They cannot back down from their sup...
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