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Unformatted text preview: atic relations." No rapprochement – trade is maintained for strategic interests Rivera 13(Michael Rivera, Intelligent Analysis on the Americas, "Calling it Quits?: How Strategic Interest Outweighs Political Rivalry Among Nations" 7/28/13­it­quits­how­strategic­interest­ outweighs­political­rivalry­among­nations/, RLA) Relations between the US and Venezuela reached a boiling point on several occasions during the presidency of Hugo Chavez. The two countries have been in conflict on a variety of issues over the past 14 years, including human rights, freedom of media, capitalism, and ideology. Although some analysts were guardedly optimistic about the possibility of normalized relations between the US and Venezuela after the death of Chavez earlier this year, diplomatic fallout over the Edward Snowden affair has reminded observers that the process of thawing such deep­rooted trust will not occur over night. There may be little hope for an improvement in political relations in the near future, but how much do poor diplomatic...
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