Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: inflation, which have decimated the wealth of the country's middle class. Only a U.S. military invasion of Panama achieved Washington's goal of ousting General Manuel Noriega, who withstood years of U.S. economic pressure. Sanction­induced governmental shipwrecks are long shots against most entrenched strongmen. Economic coercion cannot administer a fatal bite in the flanks of determined regimes because the teeth are not up to the task. A state under economic siege can endure economic dislocation because other countries may not cooperate in an economic and trade lockout; "black knights" pursue their own economic and political agendas. For example, European states continue to trade with Cuba, despite strict U.S. economic sanctions against the Castro regime. Sanctions can also motivate strong nationalistic responses in an embattled country. Citizens rally to support their government and seek ways to circumvent commercial problems. Italians, for example, redoubled their support of Mussolini when the League of Nations instituted sanctions in the mid­1930s...
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