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Unformatted text preview: , July 11 2012, Obama's Policies Toward Cuba and Venezuela: Ignorance is NOT Bliss,­center/press­releases/obamas­policies­toward­cuba­and­venezuela­ignorance­is­ not­bliss,PS) Washington, D.C. – Congressman Mario Diaz­Balart (R­FL) responds to an interview by Oscar Haza which aired last night on the program, “A Mano Limpia” on América TeVe, in which President Barack Obama commented on his failed policies toward Cuba and Venezuela.¶ “President Obama clearly wants to continue his failed policy of providing unilateral concessions to the Castro dictatorship, and expects that the murderous regime will in turn ‘recognize that their system is no longer working.’ Yet during his three and a half years in office, the regime has responded by holding hostage American humanitarian aid worker Alan Gross, murdering four political prisoners of conscience, and increasing its brutal oppression against the Cuban people . That President Obama continues to reach out a hand to the Cuban dictatorship, and ignores the brave pro­democracy movement in Cuba, is an outrage. It is deeply disturb...
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