Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: But the notion that the talks — slated for Thursday and Friday — could pull Washington and Havana closer than they’ve been in more than half a century prompted a harsh reaction from at least one Republican on Capitol Hill.¶ Rep. Ileana Ros­Lehtinen, Florida Republican, said that the White House is caving to pressure from Cuban leaders desperate to end trade restrictions frozen since the 1960s. ¶ “The regime is once again manipulating the U.S. administration in this game because it wants us to lift the embargo and make further concessions,” said Mrs. Ros­Lehtinen, a former chairwoman of the House Foreign Relations Committee and a staunch opponent of easing the stand­off that has defined bilateral relations since Cuban leader Fidel Castro agreed to house Soviet ballistic missiles in 1961.¶ Mr. Castro, 86, stepped down in 2008, and the top post is now held by his 82­year­old brother Raul.¶ The State Department said Monday that the postal talks will occur well within policy boundaries set long ago by Congress.¶ The talks will...
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