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Unformatted text preview: 013, Venezuela 'ends' bid to restore full US ties,,PS) Venezuela says it has "ended" steps towards restoring diplomatic ties with the US, after comments by the woman nominated as the next envoy to the UN.¶ Samantha Power said this week she would seek to combat what she called the "crackdown on civil society" in countries including Venezuela.¶ She was speaking at a US Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday.¶ The remarks prompted an angry response from Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.¶ "The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela hereby ends the process... of finally normalising our diplomatic relations," said Venezuela's foreign ministry in a statement.¶ It objected to Ms Power's "interventionist agenda", noting that her "disrespectful opinions" were later endorsed by the state department, "contradicting in tone and in content" earlier statements by Secretary of State John Kerry.¶ Poor relations¶ Relations between the US and Venezuela have been...
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