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Unformatted text preview: e credibility imperative rose to prominence precisely because no tangible U.S. interest in Bosnia existed.¶ In sum, when the credibility imperative drives policy, states fearful of hyperbolic future consequences are likely to follow hawkish recommendations in order to send messages that other states are unlikely to receive. Policymakers are thus wise to beware of the credibility imperative when devising policy, questioning the assumptions that it contains and remaining skeptical of the catastrophes of which it warns. They must recognize that the imperative is typically employed when no tangible national interest exists, used as a rhetorical smoke screen to win over otherwise­peaceful masses. Most importantly, it should perhaps give them pause that scholars can supply virtually no evidence supporting the conventional wisdom about its importance.¶ It might seem blasphemous, or at least dangerously naïve, to suggest that the blood and treasure spilled over the past six decades to preserve the credibility of the United States has been in vain. However, histo...
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