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Unformatted text preview: there is the prospect that North Korea, already a major missile technology partner for Iran, may become a competitor or partner for Iran in aiding the proliferation of missile and potentially nuclear weapons technology among the leftist, anti­American grouping of Latin state for which Cuba is a major leader,” he said. Proliferation causes extinction Poblete 13(Jason Poblete¶ Attorney, Federal Government Law & Strategy, Policy Analyst , “Proliferation of Nuclear Technology in Latin America Continues” February 26, 2008­of­nuclear­technology­in­latin­ america­continues/, RLA) As clearly demonstrated by the cases of North Korea, Pakistan, and India, the U.S. cannot always take at face value the many promises made by developing countries that civilian nuclear programs are being used solely for civilian purposes. A nuclear weaponized country in Latin America is clearly not in the U.S. interest, just think of the Cuban Missile Crisis minus the Soviets,...
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