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Unformatted text preview: not completely useless.” ¶ Because the Soviet radar system remains in use, the U.S. and other countries have come up with the ability to jam its radar. However, the radar has been modified over the years to undertake “counter­counter­electronic measures (that) have been fitted to later, post­Soviet models of this radar,” Hardy said. ¶ In looking at the potential military relationship between Pyongyang and Havana, other national security sources say that Cuba could be used as a potential base from which the North Koreans could move a freighter along the U.S. East coast to launch the missile to explode a small, high­altitude nuclear device above the highly populated region stretching from New York to Richmond, Va.¶ “The SA­2 is a surface­to­air anti­aircraft missile that could be used for an EMP attack, if armed with a nuclear warhead and launched from a ship near the U.S. Coast,” according to Peter Vincent Pry, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst who was staff director of a congressionally mandated commission to look at the impact of an EMP event on the Nation’s critical infrastructures.¶ Pry today is executive director of the Task Force on...
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