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Unformatted text preview: ewhere. Further instability destabilizes the entire Middle East Baroud ‘11 [R. Internationally­Renowned Syndicated Columnist. “High Stakes for US in Syira” 4/26/11 Gulf News, ln//GBS­JV] Although now largely governed by a military leadership, Egypt, the most populous and influential country in the Arab world, has, for now, escaped the US sphere of influence. It is also showing clear signs that it may fall into a foreboding trajectory involving Iran, Syria and other such ‘radicals' . This scenario has made the current turmoil in Syria highly significant for the US. The protests that gripped Syria, starting January 26, presented the US with an inconvenient challenge — and also a potentially golden opportunity. The abruptness of Arab revolutions has pushed Washington into exercising a truly unprecedented level of two­facedness. From a US foreign policy perspective, what was good for Tunisia was not deemed good for Egypt. Then, what was good for both countries was not applicable to Yemen. Finally, when it was time f...
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