Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: imply beyond realistic attainment, just as is a crime­free society. But a hollow reaction will invite evermore subversion and casualties.¶ History teaches that a massive application of power is sometimes the only method to deal with a rogue . For example, General Manuel Noriega's corrupt military dictatorship in Panama had bedeviled U.S. drug interdiction efforts for years. Grand juries in Tampa and Miami indicted Noriega for drug trafficking and racketeering in February 1988. Washington's economic sanctions failed to change Noriega's behavior. No opposition movement existed that was capable of wresting power from him, for he enjoyed the backing of the Panama Defense Forces. He put down an attempted coup in March and spurned offers of amnesty in return for going into exile. ¶ America's initial reluctance to employ military force only steeled Noriega's determination to holdout against U.S. economic pressure. His fraudulent claim to reelection in May 1989 deepened skepticism in Bush administration circles that Noriega could be deposed by intern...
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