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Unformatted text preview: licy and national security issues. (Ilan ­ Forbes “Confronting Iran's Latin American Ambitions” 12/04/2012­irans­latin­american­ambitions/)//EB Over the past year, policymakers in Washington have woken up to a new threat to U.S. security. Since October of 2011, when law enforcement agencies foiled a plot by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in the nation’s capital, U.S. officials have begun to pay attention in earnest to Iran’s growing activities and influence in the Western Hemisphere. What they have found has been deeply worrisome. The Islamic Republic, it turns out, has made serious inroads into Latin America since the mid­2000s, beginning with its vibrant strategic partnership with the regime of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. Today, Iran enjoys warm diplomatic ties not only to Venezuela, but to similarly sympathetic governments in Bolivia and Ecuador as well. It has begun t...
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