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Unformatted text preview: imed at protecting American citizens from Iran and defending American interests and assets in the Western Hemisphere. Introduced last March, the legislation requires the Secretary of State to assess, report on, and develop a strategy for countering the presence of Iran and its allies such as Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere. Such a requirement is timely.¶ Debate and likely passage comes at an opportune moment: when the Obama Administration inclines to minimize threats closer to home posed by Iran, Hezbollah, and anti­Americans like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.¶ Yet, the facts on the ground remain troublesome. Just this month, Brazilian journal Veja and others reported on a police seizure in La Paz, Bolivia, of two tons of minerals believed initially to contain uranium but more likely tantalum. The mineral is in demand for, among other things, nuclear reactors and missile parts. Export of this mineral to Iran is prohibited by current sanction regimes. It is believed that the plan was to send secretly the mineral cargo to Iran via Venezuela.¶ In Mexico, Rafic Mohammad Labbon Allaboun was arrested earlier this month...
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