Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: th Korea sanctions. A spokesman for Luxembourg's U.N. Mission, which chairs the North Korea sanctions committee, told The Associated Press that there had been no such request from Cuba.¶ Democrat Robert Menendez, the Cuban­American chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the incident "almost certainly violated" U.N. sanctions and urged the Obama administration to bring it to the Security Council for review. "Weapons transfers from one communist regime to another hidden ¶ under sacks of sugar are not accidental occurrences," Menendez said Wednesday, adding that it "reinforces the necessity that Cuba remain on the State Department's list of countries that sponsor state terrorism." ¶ APPEASEMENT DISADVANTAGE 7-WEEK JUNIORS MICHIGAN 2013 CFJPV Link: Conditioning Strategies QPQ strategies make the US look weak and decreases influence – can’t afford to negotiate with the enemy Rubin 11 ­ overs a range of domestic and foreign policy issues and provid...
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