Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013

Appeasement DA 2 Michigan7 2013

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Unformatted text preview: ver the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program heats up in earnest. Washington needs to be prepared should that happen. Better yet, it needs to craft a proactive approach to confronting Iran APPEASEMENT DISADVANTAGE 7-WEEK JUNIORS MICHIGAN 2013 CFJPV influence and activity south of our border. That, after all, is the surest way for us to avoid having to face Iran and its proxies here at home. Appeasing Venezuela emboldens Iran and prompts cyberconflict IBD 12(Investor’s Business Daily, January 9 2012, Hugo Chavez's Lawless Venezuela Grows More Lawless,­editorials/010912­597200­venezuela­under­chavez­grows­even­more­lawless.htm,PS) The Americas: With U.S. attention focused elsewhere, Venezuela's dictator is at it again — breaking contracts, pushing drugs, plotting cyberattacks and cavorting with Iran's tyrant. This is what appeasement brings.¶ Well before President Obama gave President Hugo Chavez a handshake at a 2009 summit, wiser heads at the State Department warned him against a...
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