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Unformatted text preview: ates that looks like a soft touch will swiftly lose the respect of its allies and be outmaneuvered by its foes and rivals . Obama's application of "smart power" is looking increasingly like the appeasement of America's enemies, and on the Iranian nuclear question his administration has projected weakness and confusion. There are striking parallels between the world's initial failure to stand up to Nazi Germany over 70 years ago and the West's inaction today in the face of Iranian aggression. Tehran's drive towards nuclear might can and must be stopped , but only if the United States and its key allies across the Atlantic are willing to do what is necessary. More ev – Iran makes calculations based on America’s dealings with other states Phillips ‘9 [Melanie. IR at the Spectator. “The Fruits of Appeasement” 5/27/9­fruits­ of­appeasement.thtml] The result of such epic cringing is two fingers from North Korea , wi...
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