Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: FARC continues to confront the Colombian state by employing improvised explosive devices and attacking energy infrastructure and oil pipelines. ¶ Second, the State Department country report says that “the Cuban government continued to permit fugitives wanted in the United States to reside in Cuba and also provided support such as housing, food ration books, and medical care for these individuals.” ¶ That has not changed either. The FBI estimates that Cuba has provided safe harbor to more than 70 fugitives from U.S. justice who live on the island under the protection of the Castro regime. Some of these fugitives are charged with or have been convicted of murder, kidnapping, and hijacking, and they include notorious killers of police officers in New Jersey and New Mexico. ¶ Warranting special mention are the outstanding U.S. indictments against Cuban Air Force pilots Lorenzo Alberto P érez­Pérez and Francisco Pérez­Pérez and General Rubén Martínez Puente, the head of the Cuban Air Force, who in 1996 ordered the pilots to shoot dow...
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