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Unformatted text preview: nonstate actors to both fund their activities and spread unrest throughout the region. ¶ many years funded, trained, and protected Hezbollah, one of the most effective and efficient nonstate (or quasi­state) terrorist actors in the world. The growing presence of Hezbollah in the Latin American drug trade—both directly and through its proxies in West Africa and Southern Eurasia—presents a new and important threat to U.S. security.¶ The only thing the Bolivarian nations proclaiming “21st­century som” and the reactionary theocratic regime in Iran, have in common is a stated hatred for the United States and the desire to inflict damage on the nation they view as the “Evil Empire” or the “Great Satan.” This is a new type of alliance of secular (self­proclaimed sot and Marxist) and radical Islamist organizations with a common goal directly aimed at challenging and undermining the security of the United This represents a fundamental change because both¶ 66¶ primary state allies in the alliance (the governments of Venezuela and Iran) host and support nonstate actors, allowing the nonstate actors to thrive in ways that...
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