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Thisiswhyraulcastroisattemptingaseriousreform e

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Unformatted text preview: rd Perle in a policy paper prepared for Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996. The paper recommended that "it is both natural and moral that Israel abandon the slogan ‘comprehensive peace' and move to contain Syria, drawing attention to its weapons ofmass destruction programme, and rejecting ‘land for peace' deals on the Golan Heights". The neo­ conservatives have been on hiatus since their Israel­centric recommendations greatly undermined the political, military and economic status of the US. But now the Arab popular awakening is enlivening all sorts of sinister possibilities. A stalemate in Libya presented an opening for the US and its allies. Syria could be an opportunity, although the stakes here are much higher. US policy regarding Syria has been largely defined by soft coercion, aimed at eroding Syria's strong alliance with Iran , its support of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and its hosting of various Palestinian resistance groups, including Hamas. But a complete regime change has not necessarily been a top US priority. Chaos in Syria, without a clear and stabilisi...
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