Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: end­to­ imperialism.html,PS) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told supporters on Tuesday (July 23) that better relations with Washington was only possible if the United States changed its tact towards Latin America.¶ ¶ [Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela]:¶ "Do you want to have good relations with the United States? This does not depend on just us, it depends on the U.S.. If they can rectify their policy and are able to, which I doubt, there will be another position, we will renew dialogue. The government of the United States should reconsider its imperialistic attitude on Latin America and the Caribbean and its aggression towards Venezuela. When they rectify this, here we will wait with our hands stretched and as usual a smile.”¶ ¶ In a further strain to relations, Maduro became the first to offer asylum to American fugitive Edward Snowden earlier this month. US foreign policy has not worked relations are low now­ Samantha Power and Maduro’s election AFP 7­24(Agence France Press, Global Post,...
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