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Unformatted text preview: 992 Territorial Law classified the South China Sea as China’s internal waters, meaning foreign naval vessels and aircraft must first gain Beijing’s permission before transiting, submarines must surface, and that China retains the right to evict other countries’ shipping at any time. Beijing’s willingness to enforce this law has been growing apace with its naval power in the western Pacific. In recent weeks, Beijing has placed the Spratly and Paracel Islands and the Macclesfield Bank under prefectural­level administration, established a 45­member legislature to administer the 1100 people who live on the islands, and approved the deployment of a People’s Liberation Army garrison to the islands. 2. Southeast Asia – avoiding the bad old days If unaddressed, the dynamics in the South China Sea could return Southeast Asia to the bad old days of inter­state divisions , domestic instability and competitive great­power interventions . On no other issue have the disagreements and rivalri...
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