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Unformatted text preview: use of violence to over­ throw democratically elected governments . America's leaders would do well to remember that one of the constant and enduring characteristics of Fidel Castro's career has been his lifelong hatred of the United States and everything it stands for in the world. Some of the ways in which Castro threatens U.S. national security include the following: X Castro continues to allow the operation by Russian intelligence officials of an electronic lis­ tening post at Lourdes. The Russians argue that the post is needed to monitor U.S. compliance with its missile treaty obligations, yet American compliance is not a major issue in dispute between the U.S. and Russia. In fact, Lourdes is an intelligence gathering facility at the service of Russian spies. X Russian nuclear missiles may not be targeted at America from Cuban soil, but Castro is de­ termined to complete ­ with Russian help ­ construction of a $2 billion nuclear reactor only 240 miles South of Miami. This tropical white elephant could easily become America's Chernobyl in the Caribbean. According to a 1992 report by the U.S....
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