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Unformatted text preview: reform of the system. What these liberals and leftists leave out is that this demand — lifting the embargo — is also the number one desire of the Cuban Communists. In making it the key demand, these well­meaning (at least some of them) liberals echo precisely the propaganda of the Cuban government, thereby doing the Castro brothers’ work for them here in the United States. And, as we know, many of those who call for this actually believe that the Cuban government is on the side of the people, and favor the Cuban Revolution which they see as a positive role model for the region. They have always believed, since the 1960s of their youth, that som in Cuba has pointed the way forward to development and liberty based on the kind of sot society they wish could exist in the United States. Another brave group of Cuban opponents of the regime has actually taped a television interview filmed illegally in Havana. “Young Cuban democracy leader Antonio Rodiles,” an American support group called Capitol Hill Cubans has reported, “has just released the latest episode of his civil soc...
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