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Unformatted text preview: diplomatic breakthrough ,” he said. “Obama should be bolder and more audacious.” Even these limited moves have sparked fierce criticism by those long opposed to engagement. Cuban­American congressman Mario Diaz Balart, a Florida Republican, called the recent overtures “disturbing.” Substantive cooperation outweighs posturing – no tangible cooperation Taylor 6­18 (Guy Taylor, State Department correspondent, “U.S.­Cuba mail talks spark speculation of wider outreach” The Washington Times,­cuba­mail­talks­spark­speculation­wider­outreac/ ) The announcement that U.S. and Cuban officials will hold landmark talks this week toward restarting direct mail service between the two nations prompted a mix of reactions on Monday on whether the Obama administration plans a broader outreach to the Castro regime in the president’s second term. ¶ Veteran Cuba watchers agreed that the development is unlikely to trigger a wider normalization in relations any time soon....
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