Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: nejad and Kim Jong­il, among others. It came as a piece from his insistence that George Bush had done serious damage to relations with allies and foes alike due to a lack of engagement, and that his “smart power” would restore that standing and dial down tensions around the world.¶ While Obama has never had the private meeting with Chavez that he pledged, he did get some face time with the Venezuelan strongman at the 2009 OAS meeting almost immediately after taking office. A few months later, Obama sided with Chavez and the Castro brothers in Cuba during the Honduran crisis, in which former president Manuel Zelaya was arrested and then deported for preparing a Chavez­like grab at lifetime power. None of this improved Chavez’ outlook on the US, nor did it turn Chavezaway from his military partnership with Iran, which continues apace. ¶ After this season of appeasement, Obama finds himself in the position of having even worse diplomatic relations with Venezuela than the Bush administration did, with Chavez daring him to cut ties or retreat on his choice of amba...
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