Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: ram is simply to stop doing business in Europe. APPEASEMENT DISADVANTAGE 7-WEEK JUNIORS MICHIGAN 2013 CFJPV Appeasement Now – Venezuela Rapprochement now – despite cutting off diplomatic ties TN 7­25 (Tengri News, “US still up for warming Venezuela ties after fresh row” July 25, 2013­still­up­ for­warming­Venezuela­ties­after­fresh­row­­21284/ , RLA) The United States said Wednesday it is still open to improving ties with Venezuela after Caracas called off the rapprochement, accusing Washington of meddling in its internal affairs, AFP reports .¶ The two nations ­­ which were often at odds during the 14­year rule of the recently deceased Hugo Chavez ­­ had hinted at warmer ties after a meeting of top diplomats last month. ¶ But then Venezuela reacted angrily to a statement by Samantha Power ­­ tapped to be the next US ambassador to the United Nations ­­ who vowed to stand up to "repressive regimes" and challenge the "crackdown on civil society being carried out in countries like C...
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