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Reflections 1_ - important I know can tell by the music...

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HUM-103 OL009 Reflections 1 In listening the lectures from Robert Greenberg and the music he covered, I learned how to discover the differences in era of the music. I know the different eras had different music but never thought to listen closely to pick up the pieces that identify it. Music reflects living, breathing and an expression of time and place in life. Understanding and being able to differentiate between music as conjunct and disjunct is
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Unformatted text preview: important. I know can tell by the music which it is. Much of the concert music (classical music) I always thought to be smooth, slow and relaxing, but it in face is not all so. Much of the music is disjunct, jumpy, lively, and mysterious. Music was used for religious prayer in the early eras, for ritual and ceremony. It evolved over time to become a symbol and to be world music....
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