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Although everones abilitites are diferent just as we

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Unformatted text preview: everone's abilitites are diferent (just as we run/walk with diferent abilities) just about every person has this ability in some way or another and when trained can 'think' themselves from place-to-place; no cars, trains, boats, plane required - just fix the coordinates in your minds-eye and PUSH yourself there instanteously. This training is a: Answer Selected Answer: b. discontinuous Correct Answer: b. discontinuous Question 24 4 out of 4 points innovation innovation A marketing manager in Denver, Colorado who wants to ship small quantities (1,500 pounds) of relatively high-value products short distances at an economical cost where time is not a factor should use: Answer Selected Answer: c. tru cks. Correct Answer: c. tru cks. Question 25 4 out of 4 points The ABC company sells beach wear to teenagers. It plans to solicit sales from teens at the beach by taking van loads of beach wear to all the beaches in the United States each day of summer (June 22 - September 21st). The company ha...
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