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Unformatted text preview: 's brand loyaity objective be when it launches its newest (unknown) brand of bicycle next month? Answer Selected Answer: b. brand Correct Answer: b. brand recognition recognition Question 8 4 out of 4 points Your company must produce 1,000,000 units of your product in order to acheive sufcnet economies of scale to keep costs as low as possible. Customers only buy these pproducdts one at-a-time. This is the concept of: Answer Selected Answer: b. discrepancy of Correct Answer: b. discrepancy of quantity quantity Question 9 2 out of 4 points Publishers of photography books find it is more cost-efective to publish specialty books targeted to just a few niche markets and print large quantities at a time than to print of just a few to meet on-going demand. Bookstores, knowing that their customers represent the broadest range of all niche-markets, order only a few copies of each book for each market to enable its customers to select from a wide variety. This example shows: (choose all that apply) Answer Selected Answers: a. discrepancies of quantity Correct Answe...
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