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Answer ebrand preference brand recognition brand non

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Unformatted text preview: n, brand Sel ec te d An sw er: rejection. d. brand non-recognition; brand recognition; brand preference, brand Co rre ct An sw er: R e s p o n s insistence, brand preference, brand recognition, brand non-recognition. Since both the company and the brand are new, no one will recognize either! As the company markets the product, the target market will become more and more aware of it (brand recognition). It's sales increasing versus the competition indicates brand preference while its dominance of the market indicates brand insistence. Discontinuous innovations will reduce the insistence factor but the product will still be preferred over most of its competition. Gradually this preference will give way to brand recognition then non-recognition as those that used to buy it forget about it (or die). No indication of brand rejection since this implies a negative attitude and there’s no mention of negativity associated with the product - it just faded away. Note: Since choice #2 is identical with the correct more competitio...
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