He tells marissa to buy two of whatever she gets hell

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Unformatted text preview: buy two of whatever she gets (he'll call his bank to take care of the money for his). He buys a car this way whenever he wears one out. He usually drives his cars into the ground - i.e. until they totally wear out then asks whomever he knows who's going car buying to pick up one for him (of whatever they are getting - price is no object). For Marissa, this automobile is a ______________ product; for her father, the car is a ______________ product. Answer Selected Answer: f. heterogeneous shopping good; a homogeneous Correct Answer: f. heterogeneous shopping good; a homogeneous good good Question 7 4 out of 4 points Which degree of market exposure would probably be most suitable for a heterogeneous shopping product which has achieved brand preference and sells for about $300? Answer Selected Answer: a. Selective Correct Answer: a. Selective distribution distribution Question 8 4 out of 4 points A company has been making the same product for over 100 years. It is an essential element of al...
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