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If it is one of just two or three retailers carrying

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Unformatted text preview: er levels of expenditures on promotion and customer service. If it is the only retailer to carry this product in its competitive area (exclusive distribution), it is much easier to get the retailer to maximize expenditures in these areas since it will reap all the rewards (i.e. the customer has NO other outlet to buy from). If a producer has a technically superior and expensive product--which has achieved brand preference--and wants retailers to provide aggressive promotion and maximum customer service, this producer should seek: Answer a. very selective/exclusive distribution. S e l e c t e d A n s w e r : a. very selective/exclusive distribution. C o r r e c t A n s w e r : A n s w e r F e e d b a c k : The only way the producer is going to be able to convince retailers to spend the extra dollars to aggressively promote and extend maximum customer service (much more costly then regular customer service) is to creat a situation where the retailer has little or no competition in its competitive area. If it is one of just two or three retailers carrying this product (very selective distribution) it is likley to agree to highe...
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