Marissas father however although extremely wealthy

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Unformatted text preview: asily aford cars in this price range, treats cars as basically the same. He doesn't care what it is as long as it gets him there. Although he visits car dealerships occasionally just to see what's available, he doesn't spend much time at it. He tells Marissa to buy two of whatever she gets (he'll call his bank to take care of the money for his). He buys a car this way whenever he wears one out. He usually drives his cars into the ground - i.e. until they totally wear out then asks whomever he knows who's going car buying to pick up one for him (of whatever they are getting - price is no object). For Marissa, this automobile is a ______________ product; for her father, the car is a ______________ product. Answer Selected Answer: d. homogeneous shopping good; a convenience Correct Answer: f. heterogeneous shopping good; a homogeneous R es p o ns e Fe e d b ac k: good good She's shopping for quality (heterogeneous shopping product) while, although he 'shops' just to see what's available, he sees all cars as basically the same (homogeneous shopping product). available, he doesn't spend much time at it. He tells Marissa to b...
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