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Since continuing promotion seems to be necessary in

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Unformatted text preview: to be necessary in this highly competitive market, advertisements for Ciao shoes appear regularly in fashion magazines targeted at professional women and on select cable TV broadcasts, including broadcasts of women's tennis tournaments. What product class is this in? Answer Selected Answer: d. heterogeneous shopping Correct Answer: d. heterogeneous shopping product product Question 11 4 out of 4 points Ms. Templeton had Broyhill brand living room furniture and wanted to buy a particular chair of the same brand. She made a few calls to find a store that had the chair in stock. When she found one, she went there and purchased the chair. For Ms. Templeton, the chair was Answer Selected Answer: a. a specialty Correct Answer: a. a specialty product. product. Question 12 4 out of 4 points A merchant wholesaler is considering four physical distribution systems. Which is best for shipping his products? Answer Selected Answer: e. Cannot be determined without the target customer's Correct Answer: e. Cannot be determined without the target custo...
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