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They collect the necessary assortment of freshly

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Unformatted text preview: t the necessary assortment of freshly picked produce from these family gardens to fill the gaps in their own garden, add it to their own produce which they then sell by the side of the road to whomever comes along from the back of their truck. Knowing the produce is very likely to spoil if they keep it too long, anything they don't sell on a given day they deliver to the local market where that produce is sold by stall vendors (who receive a commission on the sale). The distribution strategy the entreprenuers are using to sell their produce is: Answer Selected Answer: b. an indirect channel of Correct Answer: a. a duel channel of distribution. R e s p o n s e F e e d b a c k : distribution The entrepreneurs are using both a direct (their produce to the roadside buyers) and an indirect (their produce to stall vendors to local market buyers) channel of diistribution. A duel channel of distribution is one in which both an indirect and a direct channel of distribution is conducted simultaneously. Note: partial...
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