What stage of the product life cycle is this additive

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Unformatted text preview: s. What stage of the product life cycle is this additive in? Answer Selected Answer: a. INTRODUCT ION Correct Answer: b. GROWTH This additive has a major but not overly significant impact on consumer behavior. Buyers receive extended range (20%) on each tank of gas for less than a 20% increase in cost (assuming gas is more than $1.00 per gallon). While a considerable benefit, it's certainly not life changing. Thus, this is a dynamically continuous innovation in the growth stage of the product life cycle. For this to be in introduction, it would have to greatly change consumer behavior. There's no evidence of this. Similarly, to be a continuous innovation, it would have to ofer nothing more than a cosmetic change. It clearly does more than that. With a 20% increase in gas mileage the cost savings would allow longer trips for the same price or less fillups on standard trips reducing costs and allowing more time for the trip itself. Thus, growth stage of the PLC. R e s p o n s e F e e d b a c k : Question 7 2 out of 4 points A publisher of photography books finds that it is cost-efective to print 10,000 or more...
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