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What type of warehouse should the rm use to store

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Unformatted text preview: entory? Answer Selected Answer: a. pu blic Correct Answer: a. pu blic A firm finds itself in a situation where it is able to accurately predict consumer demand. It predicts that it will need to store material for one month two times a year due to the seasonal nature of the product. What type of warehouse should the firm use to store this inventory? Answer Selected Answer: a. pu blic Correct Answer: a. pu blic Question 16 4 out of 4 points General Foods introduced Post cartoon flakes with freeze-dried fruits and nuts. The cereal was very popular with both kids (who liked them for their favorite cartoon characters) and parents (who enjoyed the healthy nutrition provided by the dynamic mix of ingrediants). Typical families would buy and consume two boxes per week. A recent survey found this cereal name (not just the word cereal) to be on 46% of mothers' grocery shopping lists within one month of its initial introduction. Exit interviews with shoppers leaving grocery stores revealed that their only frustration was with the company's inability to keep up with demand. Mothers told stories of how disappointed their younge...
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