Groups affect individual consumer behaviour in order

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Unformatted text preview: for coordination of effort towards achievement of group goals – Cohesion develops through the group dynamic process: Variables you can affect: – Purchase, usage, maintenance, disposal costs Speation – Satisfaction effects Assignment of roles – Responsiveness to consumer needs, trust Development of norms – Group cohesion depends on conformity of individual members: Information influence Normative influence 19 Identification influence 20 Lecture 14 Lecture 14 Model Model of Consumer Behaviour Model of Consumer Behaviour Revision Revision Group Dynamics Culture and Sub-culture In the exam: – Discuss the effect of group interaction on individual consumer behaviour. How and why is individual behaviour altered as a result of group influence. How can you use this knowledge to affect consumer behaviour? Culture is the extension of group influence on the large scale – Culture has a function to secure the continuity of the society – To understand a culture, understand the influences of: th External environment – Information influence (information search and evaluation) Material development – Normative influence (need to belong, social acceptance operant cond) Social/normative development – Identification influence (social identity – categorization of self, identification with groups that are strong, influential) Cognitive development Symbolic development Variables that you can affect: 21 Cross-cultural marketing needs to understand the diffe...
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