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This group fits the profile of early adopters product

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Unformatted text preview: uation (active inform search, limited evaluation) Pricing and distribution to facilitate exchanges (economic value) – Create long-term brand loyalty (emotional component of attitude) long- 45% – Section 3. One essay question – choice out of two – Offer uniqueness and utility (cognitive aspect of attitude) via 30% – Section 2. Three short answer questions 25% You must pass the final to pass the subject! 31 Lecture 14 32 Lecture 14 Course Evaluation Summary Revision Revision Here’s where you get your own back… Please evaluate the lectures and the course design. Model of consumer behaviour Relations between variables Identify the variables you can affect to influence Identify the variables you can affect to influence consumer consumer behaviour 33 Apply to a marketing problem Bottled Water 34 Lecture 14 The End Live long and prosper 35 6...
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