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Summaries: 1/15/08 Learner-centered assessment: enhance student learning; criterion-referenced: evaluate learners’ progress & instructional quality. Use entry behavior test (mastery of prerequisite skills), pretest (profile learners’ skills), practice test (rehearse knowledge, judge level of understanding), posttest (assess performance, assign credit). Verbal information: objective (multiple-choice, short-answer, matching, alternative response); intellectual skills: product, live performance; attitude: state preference, observe behavior; psychomotor: demonstrate task, perform sequence of steps. Mastery: performance expected from best learners; clear/explicit level or what’s required for job success. Goal-centered criteria: test items/tasks congruent w/ terminal & performance objectives; learner-centered criteria: tailored to characteristics & needs of learners; context-centered criteria: authentic/realistic test items; assessment-centered criteria: well-constructed, professional-looking test that gives students all information necessary to answer. Try to have several items for 1 objective to test for mastery. Can cluster items for 1 objective together. Give clear directions: test title suggests content covered, amount of credit, whether to guess, spelling, names/group id, time/word/space limits. Formative evaluation: clear directions, clear items, realistic response conditions, clear response methods, appropriate space/time/equipment. Developing instrument: identify, paraphrase, sequence elements, use checklist, rating scale, or frequency count for evaluator judgments (add sum for each). Portfolio assessment uses work samples: anchored to specific instructional goals, criterion-reference assessments, accompanied by rubric. Evaluate congruence by putting related components together, instructional analysis chart. Systematic Design (Ch. 9) Delivery system/media selection can be effected by available of existing instructional materials, production/implementation constraints, amount of instructor facilitation. Components of instructional package: instructional materials, assessments, course management
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Summaries.1.15.coursehero - Summaries: 1/15/08 Systematic...

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