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Summaries.2.5.coursehero - Summaries Advances Development...

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Summaries: 2/5/08 Advances: Development : Technology-related issues in development: information management system or delivery vehicle to be used, should be interactive, relevant, evoke intrinsic motivation, technology aimed at effectiveness of training, not the organization; develop systematic training program: create syllabus, create materials, validate training, field test place course or program in program delivery mechanism; effective materials and program development: support objectives of the training or program, learner centered, build learning on learning, meet the organizational purpose specified in analysis phase, ensure learners acquire knowledge and expertise specified in objectives, guide them toward mastery of task with proper stimuli and reinforcement; selecting technologies for development: can use learning management system (LMS), learning content management system (LCMS), or content management system (CMS); materials should be
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  • Spring '08
  • Wollard
  • Learning management system, Systematic Training Program, program delivery mechanism, implement learning practices, field test place

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