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Summaries: 2/26/08 Advances: Project Management : project implies a temporary, unique undertaking in the organization, Project management is the application of knowledge, skill, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project. Meeting or exceeding stakeholder needs and expectations invariably involves balancing competing demands among: scope, time, cost, and quality, stakeholders with differing needs and expectations, identified requirements (needs) and unidentified requirements (expectations),
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Unformatted text preview: project management began in the 1950s (especially w/ military and defcon industries), matrix management involves more interpersonal skills than before, project managers must manage: integration, scope, time, cost, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement, can use software to assist in project management activities, HRD more reliant on project managers so must develop these skills...
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