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Victoria Denaro Art History II Museum Paper February 14, 2008 Altarpiece showing the Virgin and Child, with Saints Apollonia and Sebastian David Ghirlandaio, 1490’s, Tempera on wood Description: The Virgin Mary is sitting, holding Jesus under an archway. Mary has a pink shirt on and a blue shall with gold embellishing on it. Two Saints are surrounding Mary, Apollonia holds a book in her hand that is wearing a green dress covered in a pink shall and Sebastian is wearing an orange sash and a suit of armor and he has a bow in his hand. The arch that Mary is under seems to be protecting her and her baby but also the two Saints are there to also keep an eye on Jesus almost as if it is their job. Jesus seems to be the center of attention but he is not in the middle of the picture. All of the people in the picture have halos around their heads because they are all holy people. They seem to be inside something, there is a wall behind them but they are still outdoors. The artist uses colors that blend with each other very well and he also does a good job at making the painting lifelike, especially the way he uses the outdoor landscape. The background is a peaceful outdoor landscape with rolling hills and mountains with snow on them at the furthest point. The sky is blue and there are clouds that look very realistic, they each have different characteristics and there aren’t many. In this painting Jesus looks like a real baby, he looks gentile and innocent, like I always imagined him really looking.
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arthistory - Victoria Denaro Art History II Museum Paper...

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