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Denaro 1 Victoria Denaro African and Caribbean Visual Cultures “Issue” Paper February 25, 2008 Visual Culture in Africa: The Identity of A Country In Africa there are many different visual elements that are considered by the artist before creating a look, painting, architecture and other artworks. The way that Africans view life is prevalent in their artwork and as we analyze their culture visually the images tell us a lot about the people behind the work. African artwork allows us an inside look at their lives and traditions in a way that we couldn’t comprehend by just reading about it, we get a deeper appreciation and understanding for how Africans go about their daily lives and what they truly believe. Traditional and contemporary African culture contains elements that help communicate to viewers about how Africans want to be viewed such as texture, gender roles, modern objects in art, and color. The first visual element to consider is texture and a great example of this is mud brick architecture. Africans are overall very religious and they like to show their religion through architecture and also in the places that they worship. Their passion for religion is shown in architecture of the Mosques all around the country, especially the Great Mosque in Djenne. The Great Mosque of Djenne is the largest mud brick building in the world and is considered by many architects to be the greatest achievement of this type of architectural style, with definite Islamic influences. Mosques are built with stone spires representing the protective spirits of ancestors and as we can see in the Djenne Mosque there are a number of spires coming out of the building. There are also palm wood sticks
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Denaro 2 coming out of the Mosque, which are used as a gutter system and also a ladder so that every year when the building has to be re-plastered it is easy for the Africans to climb to
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issues paper - Denaro 1 Victoria Denaro African and...

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