sample midterm 2 with key - Sample Midterm 2 Darwin Lamarck...

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Sample Midterm 2 Darwin, Lamarck, Natural Selection 1. Experiments in which the tails of mice were cut off generation after generation to see if their offspring would ever be born without tails was testing a. evolution by natural selection b. inheritance of acquired characteristics c. both of these d. neither of these 2. Lamarck's early 1800's theory of evolution is characterized primarily by the idea that a. characteristics acquired during life are passed on to offspring b. evolution is a completely random process c. most organisms don't produce enough offspring d. none of these 3. Which is true of Lamarck’s evolutionary hypothesis? a. it was untestable b. it was testable, but experiments did not support it c. it was testable, and most experiments supported it 4. Evolution is: a. A rare event b. Currently occurring only in scientific laboratories c. Constantly occurring at the same rate in ALL organisms d. An inevitable consequence of the nature of organisms 5. The process of biological evolution a. is not supported by scientific evidence b. requires biological diversity in a population c. results in changes in allele frequencies over generations d. both b and c 6. Which evolves? a. individuals b. populations c. genes d. all of these 7. Evolution is the theme that ties together all of biology. This is because the process of evolution a. explains how organisms become adapted to their environment. b. explains the diversity of organisms c. explains why distantly related organisms sometimes resemble one another. d. all of the above are appropriate answers. 8. Which of the following is an acceptable definition of evolution? a. a change in the phenotypic makeup of a population b. a change in the genetic makeup of a population c. a change in the environmental conditions of a population d. a change in the species composition of a region 9. Each of the following phrases describes the process of evolution EXCEPT a. changes in allele frequency over time b. traits acquired by an individual during its lifetime are passed on to its offspring c. descent with modification d. progressively more complex forms of life are derived from simpler ancestors 10. In the evolution of organisms through time, a. species always become bigger, stronger, or faster b. intelligence continually increases in animal species c. there is no particular direction to evolutionary change d. species slowly degenerate 11. Which of the following is NOT TRUE? a. Organisms can produce many more offspring than can survive. b. All organisms of a species show the same characteristics.
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sample midterm 2 with key - Sample Midterm 2 Darwin Lamarck...

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