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Unformatted text preview: rce planning and supply chain management Make or buy? – outsourcing Inventory management – liqudity Key Chapter Concepts cont’d Key Chapter Concepts Achieving World­Class Operations Management 3 Decisions at 3 Stages … Controlling Routing and scheduling Quality and cost control Harley­Davidson – productivity­quality connection Improving Application of technology Trends Service vs. Manufacturing Service vs. Manufacturing Both transform “raw material” into finished good, BUT in service… Raw material is person with unsatisfied need or possession that requires care Service is performed not produced Focus on process as well as outcome Judged on quality of work and service Characteristics are different Intangible – experience key, customized, can’t be stored Customer is part of process Extent of contact contact affects operations Impacts capacity Impacts Integration of marketing and operations Demand / Capacity tradeoff Manufacturing Set capacity slightly ahead...
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