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Unformatted text preview: m design that can be used to obtain a commitment for Detailed Design Stage. IT Audit Manual Volume III 77 IT Audit Manual SD.1 Check whether the organization has adopted any system development methodology and framework to ensure that a process is in place that appropriately addresses all system design issues (i.e. input, processing, output, internal controls, security, disaster recovery, response time, reporting, change control etc.) SD.2 Check whether a Systems Specifications document has been prepared and released? Verify that it contains at least the following specifications/features: system objectives and scope general system concept and design considerations chart showing function structure in terms of processes logical data flow diagram showing flow among processes and data stores at the data element level Process descriptions, including complete and detailed definitions of processes for all business cases involved. Appropriate audit trails and controls are built into the system Specifies volumes, timings, highs and lows, and quality specified for inputs, outputs, and data stores Service levels: Complete description of performance requirements. This will be used in later stages to confirm the technical feasibility and resources requirement of the system SD.3 Check that the accuracy and completeness of system specifications has been acknowledged by the appropriate level of user and by Data Processing management. SD.4 Ensure that the System Specifications document been reviewed by the Steering Committee/Sign off Authorities? Have they signified acceptance of the need to continue the project? Note any conditional acceptance for follow-up in later stages. SD.5 Ensure that the data dictionary/ directory has been prepared or updated to contain the system specifications. SD.6 Ensure that the skills of the staff being employed on the project (as Team Members or Steering Committee/Sign off Authority members) continue to meet the requirements envisaged in the Project Initiation report or Feasibility Report. SD.7 Has a General Design Stage Status document been prepared and released? Verify that it contains at l...
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